Welcome to the Cemetery Symbols blog. I plan on displaying photographs of various symbols found in cemeteries, along with the meaning behind them. I thought I’d start off with a simple monogram. What at first may appear to be just an insteresting squiggle, is actually someone’s initials. In this case the initials are FDW, which stand for Frederick Dearborn Wight (1837-1911), one of the family members buried in the plot.

Monogram photograph from Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

This photograph is from Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado (Wight Family Plot)

3 Responses to Monograms

  1. Frederick W. MacMillan says:

    This monogram belongs to my great grandfather, his biography can be found at other websites highlighting Colorado pioneers.

    I most recently visited the gravesite in July,2007. It is a remarkable monument, considering his death in 1903

    • Christopher Quine says:

      Mr MacMillan,
      My great geandfather was also Frederick Dearborn Wight, by way of May Quine (Wight). My grandfather was Harry Quine. May & Harry had 4 son’s, Tom W.Quine,Richard W.Quine,Harry W. Quine, and Jack W Quine. Jack died at burth, and after my grandfather died, The children were put into military school in Denver.
      after that thay moved to california.
      My father died in 1975, and my uncle’s soon after. I’m looking for some family history. Any History on F.D. Wight, sons, daughters, anything on May and Harry.I know F.D.Wight did not approve of Harry and May and disowned or disinherit May for marrying him (or other reason’s ?)
      Also I found a letter F.D.Wight wrote when in the Army(1st Division, 5th Arny Corps. at Appomqattex.)This is where I found it–
      Saddleback Vally trails
      Southern Orange county, Genealogey Society
      Vol.15 No.7 June 2008

      Christopher Quine

  2. Carol says:

    I have seen many older graves with shells cemented on. Usually on large shell. Especiall in Florida, and along the Eastern Coast. Does anyone know what the symbol stands for?

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