The most common symbol of the Freemasons (or Masons) is the one pictured below showing a compass and a square. The letter G stands for geometry or God.

Freemason Symbol

Photograph from Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

12 Responses to Freemasons

  1. Anthony says:

    hay guy’s i seen something on tv about the freemason’s the other nicht 12-15-07 and on national treasure and i think that the freemasons are kool and that i want to be a freemason when i got old enough

  2. Andrew Paterson says:

    ive been doing research about the boston tea party for a project and the sons of liberty came up and then i looked them up and found most of them were free masons so i did a check on google and yall come up alot so ive been wondering about the freemasons i dont think you guys are a religios cult like they say and was just wondering if i could get some info on the freemasons

    • DB says:

      Many of the Sons of Liberty were members of Boston’s Lodge of St. Andrew. That Masonic Lodge still meets monthly to this day.

      There are no records of who participated in the Boston Tea Party, so we don’t know for sure who did it. But we do know that it was the same night that St. Andrews usually meets, and that they canceled their meeting that night. Did they cancel it because they were busy throwing tea in the harbor? It’s possible.

  3. countedx58 says:

    Anthony and Andrew – you can find out about the Freemasons by contacting your local Masonic lodge. Masons do not invite members to join — a prospective member must ASK to join. (They even have bumper stickers that say 2B1ASK1.)

    Take a look at some of these links:

    If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, do a Google search for “grand lodge” and the name of your state. The grand lodge is the governing body for each Masonic jurisdiction and can direct you to a local lodge.

  4. Not John Chow says:


    I am a Freemason. I have heard tell that the Boston Tea Party took place on Lodge Night and that that night is the only night that there are no meeting minutes! They must of been distracted by something.

    If you research further you will find that George Washington and most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were memebers. Many of our presidents were also members.

    Masons can be found everywhere and they like to help people; especially brother Masons.

    Chances are, there is a local lodge near you. You should stop by and ask!

    • DB says:

      “Most” of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were NOT Freemasons. Some of them were, but the majority were not.

  5. Ben Weger says:

    I am proud to be a freemason. There are numerous lodges all over the world and they contain some of the best men in the world. There is also a book by Christopher Hodapp called freemasons for dummies. It is an excellent book that gives a great deal of information.

  6. Roy Dixon says:

    I know this post is old, but I had to reply. I have a slightly unique perspective on this post because I am both a Freemason and a headstone designer. I have been cutting Masonic emblems in stone for 25 years, and this really grabbed my attention.

  7. tracy gillyon//thomas says:

    i have just seen this site so im new . could any one help me to find out if any gillyons my ancestors dating back 1800 were freemassons alot of my family lived and worked on canal barges with there familiesthank you

  8. B. Arnold says:

    Contact the Grand Lodge of whatever state or country you live in. Most Grand Lodges will entertain geneology request. There may be a nominal fee for the request. Usually Grand Lodges will only release information on decest members. Good luck with your search.
    A New York Freemason

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