Eastern Star

Order of the Eastern Star cemetery symbol - fatalThe Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is a female companion organization to Freemasonry. Men who are Master Masons may also join. Their primary symbol in cemeteries is a five pointed star with a tip pointing down, representing the Star of Bethlehem. In the example at right the letters are FATAL, which stand for Fairest Among Ten-thousand, Altogether Lovely.

Photo: from the gravestone of Fred M. Moore (1878-1949) and Maria A. Moore (1879-1933), Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, Colorado

In the example below each symbol within the star is an emblem for the Biblical heroines Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa, whose stories inspire character building lessons.

Eastern star with symbols of Biblical figures Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa.

Photo: from the headstone of Hannah Meyer (1874-1930), Emanuel at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

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  1. scpck says:

    As for the 3 pointed star, are there missing stones? Or is it just 3 points?

    And FATAL is “fairest among thousands alltogether lovely.”

    In all jurisdictions the white point is down, except for New York. Theirs is up and there are two ladies standing on either side of their star.

    The 5 points are from the upper right and clockwise, Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, Electa.

  2. tride says:

    Do any of you know who Electa is? I have researched this like crazy and can not find anything about her. She IS NOT BIBLICAL. Thanks

    • OES Electa says:

      Ask your Grand Matron

    • Catherine says:

      Electa is the “elected lady” in the new testament that was a pagan who converted to Christianity and suffered at the hands of the Roman soldiers because of her refusal to deny her Christianity.

  3. susan says:

    Electa is Biblical

  4. O.E.S. Till I die says:

    Her name is Electa, and she is BIBLICAL and in the bible you can find her in II John 1-13 she is call the “ELECT LADY” she is not from ancient greek mythology or an inverted pentegram or a sign og satan /lucifer. Ladies please do your home work!

    • John Quigley says:

      Electa is Biblical, it is not however Elect Lady, 2John 1:13 says “The children of thy elect sister greet thee” The Greek for Elect is Electos, sister of the Elect Lady in verse 1:1
      2John 1:1 does refer to the Elect Lady. The lady referred to here is Electos Kuria which is the femenin for Kurios (Lord Ruler Sir) Could mean the Pastor of the church.

      • Sally says:

        I agree, my understanding is the elect lady is the church and her children are Christians.

  5. gregory says:

    I have a 3 inch glass plate with the words eastern star & knights templar & the 5 pointed star in the middle. Why are these two groups on the same plate? are they connected in some way

  6. B.R. La. OES says:

    All of these questions are coming from prospects who are snooping not researching. Read the BIBLE, comprehend but lean not to your own understanding. Gain some knowledge and wisdom and come back with better questions. Then I’ll be happy to answer

  7. Preacher_Man says:

    So…reading this post has made me laugh…

    First off, the woman’s name is nowhere mentioned in Scripture. John’s writings contain the following phrase:

    “Εκλεκτῃ Κυρια” (Westcott-Hort)

    Eklecta Kuria (Greek, considering Chosen (Favored) and Kuria, femanine form of Kurio, for sir, master, lord. She is considered by some to have the name Kuria more over Electa (or Electra – which was a great movie)

    I think the name is simply to a Patron in a local church setting, possibly a deaconess of sorts. She is considered high in esteem with the local congregation (church history records that this letter was sent to Ephesus by John (Ecclesiastical History, Eusebius) and nothing more.

    To say her name was “Electa” is pure conjecture.

    BTW, which Adah are we talking about here? One of the two wives of Lamech (Gen. 4:20, 23) or the wife of Esau, mother of Eliphaz? It’s pretty easy to find Martha, Ruth and Esther in our Bibles, but, most of the information that is attained and attributed to these women possibly comes from the Book of Jubilees, a book not regulated or regarded as Scripture. I do not see where someone makes the notion of “just read your Bibles – lean not on your own understanding”…we call this irony where I am from…considering sources that are extra-Biblical as role models, from a group that plates out the “Fatherhood of all men (universalism), and “God and the Bible can be found in all religious practices and communities” is just psychobable.

    Eh. Just thoughts from a humble, country preacher.


    • preacher women of truth says:

      country preacher, well say!

      God’s word is for all who read, hear and receive!

      Preacher Women of Truth

  8. Sareen says:

    Why does it matter WHOM these women were, as long as they meant, and DID well?

    • Sally says:

      I hope you have found your answer. Try doing some reading about the Scarlet Line of Christ. These biblical/mythology characters have amazing stories.

  9. BrilliantGlow says:

    The questions that you ask are not the right ones. To say it is conjuncture when we call her Electa is odd. Why would someone seek to understand a person and not name her as one. What is the REAL reason for your curiosity. If you do not have a name and we provide you with one, does that mean that we have dishonred you? Or does that mean that we have seeked to know you?

    Electra may be Greek Mythology, but Electa is not.

    When you read your Bible, find any character that you like. Pray that God annoints your heart and mind to understand why he would include these exerts in his book of direction that was left for us. Is it your own arrogance that has caused you to question God and why He would include certain stories and works?

    So while you are trying to google an answer, try another search engine. It is called prayer.

  10. livingstone121 says:

    How can we find the truth if we do not ask questions? If there is doubt and arrogance in our hearts then let us not hide it but let us not flaunt it either. Lets be truthful with God about our doubts.

  11. Preacher_Man says:

    It is conjecture. To call her the “elect lady,” and then anglicize this into a name is just conjecture. For example, the conjecture would be that her name was “Electa.” I’m not denying John calls her the “elect lady,” what I’m basing as conjecture is that this is what her name means. There is nowhere to suggest this.

  12. Traveling Man in Iraq says:

    Greetings All belonging to my Fraternity and those not alike.

    It is interesting how something such as this mere website can spark so much debate.

    All that ask any questions regarding the Order should seek the information by inquiring with your local lodge or OES chapter and if truly found of good character you can be afforded the rite of passage and receive the answers to your questions in full. Of course you will not learn what the true intention of the information is that you seek unless you experience it. The internet provides alot of info, but the accuracy is as honorable as the writer to which you do not know in most cases.

    If you are truly interested this is how you find it out. If you still find it demonic or satanic or whatever other myths that are out there, you can always leave and never return. It is in my opinion ignorant to base your theory, train of thought or perceptions off of that which you do not know personally.

    God Bless.

    • Sardis says:

      Thank you for your wise advise

      God Bless.

      • BlackDiamond_29 says:

        Greetings my Traveling Brother, I come to you to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR WISDOM on this topic! I am so tired of spectators, and naysayers that have soooooo much to say. Why do people block what they do not understand? Why hate the unknown? I’m glad you said what most were afraid to say, I hope all is well w/ you. Travel Light! Be safe in Iraq, I pray each day for my comrades!

  13. NM Illuminati says:

    Contary to popular belief, the inverted pentagram is not a symbol for satan except to Christians. Traditionally, the five points represent the 4 elements, with the fifth representing the human spirit or soul. Normally with the point facing up, it means the spirit is in command of the elements and all is in balance (the goal we all strive to achive). With it down, it represents that the spirit is under influence of the elements (the world around) and is seen as representing a symbol of a student aspiring to the goals of the upright pentagram.

    I do not know how this applies to the Eastern Star, but it is pretty universal amongst all the cultures that have employed this symbol. It has more to do with Eastern Thought and enlightnenment than anything “Satanic”.

    • SRB says:

      Thank you for your Comment! I am Christian, my daughter is Wiccan. I too, at first, was blinded by the “symbolism” of the Pentagram, the prejudices of the Christian dogma, and by my general upbringing. Then I did something profound… I educated myself! I read about the history of Wiccanism, the beliefs and mindset. I also researched the Chickasaw religion and found that with that and her Scots-Irish heritage, she has gone back to her roots, not that these religions are the exact same, but very similar.

      The fact that my daughter has chosen Paganism over Christianity does not bother me, for as Our Father says: I have Many Names. Or to quote Ozzy Osbourn, “There are many religions, but only one God”

      In these troubled times, I am happy in the knowledge that she believes in a Higher Power outside of herself. Many have no belief system…and that is truly sad.

  14. K says:

    Electa is in the Bible John 11:21-26 she is call the Elect Lady……….

  15. JRBIN says:

    My Grandfather and Grandmother both died within the last year. When going through their items I came across a wooden 5 sided star about the size of a softball with the letters F.A.T.A.L. I wonder if anyone could give me any information not published above in relation to this. I am not aware of my grandparents being Masons so it was a strange find to come across. Unlike the above items in addition to the letters, and the 5 emblems of the sword, crown, etc. there is also an open book, a flower, a sun, and two 4 legged animals.

    Any help would be appreciated,


    • OES. says:

      Greetings JRBIN, If you are not apart of the order those things cannot be explained. I am assuming that your not by the question you have posted which also led me to believe thats why your grandparents neverexplained to you. My sugesstion to you is if your interested in this you should go to your local lodge not the internet. God Bless!

    • StarStruck357 says:

      If you found all those items in your grandparents home they definitely were active and I dont know how you wouldn’t know. All I can recommend is continue to look through their papers for certificates or degrees and look for a Grand Lodge or Chpater name and try contacting them.

  16. constance says:

    this is not to be talked about if you do not belong to the order

  17. David says:

    The elect lady John was writing to was a local church, her children were the members and the sister was another local church.

  18. Tom in KS says:

    The elect lady is not a person. She is one of the church’s in Asia Minor. Her children are the members of the church. This was done as a form of encryption to avoid persecution by the Romans and the Jews. We do not know which church it was, and it did not always work. Persecution was a very real danger, especially to Paul and the apostles, which is why they would use this type of communication. As a side note, look up the Bible verse quoted in the OES Ritual, not all of it comes from II John.

  19. Jessica says:

    Let me get this straight Master Masons can join The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) but women cannot join the Freemasons. Why?

  20. Bro. TK says:

    Freemasons and OES use symbolism to teach lessons of morality. Christian, I am but freemason I am also. I look at freemasonry as a supplement just as a person who eats well sometimes takes supplements to receive more vitamins and minerals. Freemasonry is not a religion but an entity that promotes good moral living and inculcates praise for supreme being. Is this wrong? I think not, however if a person does not believe in supreme being whether the name is Jehovah, Jesus, Messiah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God, Yahweh, Adonai, or simply a symbol representing the almighty creator, are they not lost? According to Christianity salvation is obtained by believing in the son of God who came to earth as a gift from God to save all created by God who desires it. Many Jews do not accept this doctrine but biblical history affords us enough to understand why the Jewish people feel the way they do. Al in all God loves us all and allows the sun to shine on all people just as all people receive rain when needed. I beleive in my heart that creations of the most high God should worship him in truth daily and request of him the answers to their questions. God will answer your questions either in meditation or by a worthy friend.

  21. Steve says:

    Susan & O.E.S. Till I die,

    It really doesn’t matter if Electa is in the bible or not. What matters is that we know that we are God’s children and that we behave accordingly.

    I myself am not a Freemason, but deceased and still living family members are, or were. I have been asked to bring the LORD’s message to you as Freemasons.

    I wish to point out that the Morning Star is a sign given to those who are living witnesses of the Lord (Adonai) and His LORD (YHWH).

    If you are not yet a witness, it is best that you do not make use of the Morning Star. (You will know that you are a witness when the “problem” of the resurrection is resolved and the Lord appears in the glory of the Father Eternal and His angels – Revelation 1:18).

    Godspeed all, in your quests for justice and truth!

  22. nikki says:

    I’m a sister. And i have battled with my parents, family, and friends, about joining. I have heard it all. And its all negative. All i can say is that until you become one, then you will never truly know it in its entirety. I WILL SAY THAT I AM A CHRISTIAN AND I LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL MY HEART. IF AT ANY POINT IN MY JOURNEY I SEE THAT THE PRACTICES AND TEACHINGS ARE NOT IN ACCORDENCE WITH “THE MOST HIGH”, I DO KNOW HOW TO DISASSOCIATE MYSELF FROM THE ORDER IN THE PROPER MANNER.

    • interested says:

      I think I agree w/ that but I still have some question that I want to direct only to those who already attend. They would know the answer better than anyone out side of the organization.I just ask for honesty.

      • OES. says:

        Some questions that you ask cannot be answered. If you are truely interested go to your local lodge. Yes there are alot of opinions out there. My advise to you is stay prayed up and ask God to guide you and give you truth. This I can say to you I have no regrets and I am proud to be apart of the Masonic family. It has build my character as a person, and yes I am Christian an I know anything without God fails. Good luck in your quest

  23. Willaim says:

    Greetings. I am an avid collector and preserver of items that bare the symbols, seals, and markings of secret socities, organizations, and the like. I try to make it a point to understand the sybolism behind such objects collected, as I find learning such to be a facinating and insightful journey. I have recently obtained a very beautiful tea cup with the Eastern Star upon it. What I need help with is the meaning of the symbols thereon. More specifically:
    The Point representing Esther, what is the significance of that point being “white” and what does the “crown and scepter” in it stand for?
    The Point represeting Marhta, what is the significance of that point bing “green” and what does the “column” in it represent?
    The Point representing Electa, what is the significance of that point being “red” and what does the “cup” within it stand for?
    The Point Prepresenting Adah what is the significance of that point being “blue” and what does the “sword and vail” in it mean?
    The Point prepresenting Ruth, what is the significance of that point being “golden”, and is that a bail of wheat, hay, or straw, and what is it’s meaning within that point?
    Also, in the center of the pentagram there is a smaller light blue pentagon, why is this smaller pentagon a “light blue”?
    Within the smaller light blue pentagon in the center of this Eastern Star is an “Open book” upon an “alter”, what does this book stand for?
    And lastly, on the “alter” that the open book rests upon are two other symbols, the first appears to be the letter “O” with the letter “E” over top of it, and second sybol beside it is the letter “S”.
    I know what the FATAL stands for, and I know the significance of the pentegram itself. Any help with the above questions would be greatful. Thanks you.

    • Amy - 4th Gen OES says:


      I can appreciate your desire to understand the colors and symbols that are associated with the points of the star. Several previous posts explained by members of the order have basically stated that you won’t get a full understanding of the depth of the meaning of the lessons with out seeking membership.

      What I think you should understand is that each point of the star is represented by a woman who is by her own right a heroine. As such, the founder and ritual writer, choose to give each woman a color. From the lesson that the point teaches symbols are taken from that story to help represent her.

      For example, your first question was on Esther, the white point of the star. This is the point that you will find facing down. You ask why white and why the crown and scepter. If you read the book of Esther in the bible (found right before the book of Job – another great story) you will find a story of a virtuous woman who was willing to sacrifice her life for her people. Esther became Queen because of her beauty, but her Jewish heritage was kept a secret from the King. When he signed an order to kill the Jewish people, Esther went before her King (and husband) and begged for the life of her people. If he was going to kill them, she wanted to die with them. The crown and scepter is a symbol of her station in life, amongst other things.

      If you are that interested in the stories represented by the 5 points of the Eastern Star, seek out your local Masonic Lodge/Center and ask them for help.

      As for the O E S … Order of Eastern Star 😉 .

      I wish you the best of luck.



  24. Sister In Training says:

    I am not a sister and I have plans of joining. My grandmother and aunts are sisters and my husband is a mason. I have seen nothing demonic about either orders and I believe that people who are not affiliated simply take what they have heard and run with it.
    I have read in this post people arguing about something as simple as a womans name. her name is not important it was her role that mattered.

    I am a Chistian and very God-fearing which has taught me not to judge.. so I ask you that are on here judging Masons and Eastern Stars Where is God in that?

  25. R.A.Malloy says:

    As a forth year member of my local OES Chapter and sitting in the chair of Esther for my second year; I can tell you there is nothing satanic about what goes on behind the closed doors. I have a very strong faith in God my Father as does my husband and P.M. of his lodge.
    It is unfortunate however that some people are so closed minded that they refuse to listen to the truth. My daughter-in-law blew a gasket a few months ago when our son joined the Masons. It was a very proud day for myself and my husband (stepfather). She never let on her true feelings until the day of the ceremony, and she hasen’t spoken to us since; even going so far as to refuse us visitation of our 5 mo. old grandson. Our hearts are broken and I feel sorry for her, that her mind is so closed to the joy and love we share with our fraternal family. We pray one day her eyes will be opened and we can all be together again.

    • 33 year member says:

      i think that some people that don’t keep “secrets” from each other have a hard time when a spouse becomes a member because there are rituals and teaching that we just don’t share with non-members. i was a rainbow girl from the age of 13 and found that when i wanted to talk to friends about joining that i had to say it was kind of like girl scouts in formals. maybe if you invite the daughter in law to an installation she would open her mind. good luck!

  26. Mealla says:

    The individual from Greek mythology you are referencing is Electra, not Electa. Yes, there was a movie of the same name, but you’re confusing Electa with Electra (with an “r”). There’s even a term in psychology that comes from her called “the Electra complex,” which is the female counterpart to the Oedipus complex. I don’t know where Electa comes from, but it’s not from Greek mythology.

  27. Betty McQueen says:

    My comment is inregards to the post left from R.A. Malloy.
    My mother is an Eastern Star member, my grandmother was, and my Grandfather is a Mason. I am not yet a member, my mother is gathering information on how I would join.
    I don’t understand the problem with your son joining. This is something he obviously believes in and being his wife she should support him in whatever decisions he makes. Especially one as this.
    I do know that there are many people who consider the Eastern Star and Masons as some type of demonic cult or something like that. Maybe she was just raised in a family that is very biased to things like this. I don’t believe it is right and it sounds as if you don’t either. Maybe your son could give you more insight on the matter.
    I am so sorry to hear that your grandchild is being kept from you and I hope and pray things work out for you and your family.

    Hoping to become a member,

  28. Martha says:

    My mother was OES and her father was a Mason. How do I go about obtaining proof of this to submit with my petition to join OES? Is her name and her father’s name enough?

  29. Miss Shaw says:

    If I have noone in my family that was (or is) a OES or mason, is it possible that I can join OES?

  30. A Proud Past Matron says:

    Just to clarify all the confusion about the placement of the Star (2 points up, 1 point down)…the Eastern Star organization that you see today is the final product of many changes made my Rob Morris in his quest to form the organization. When the organization was called The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Eastern Star (1850), there were actually 10 points to the Star (Double Star). Five were specifically female, five were specifically male. In time Bro. Morris made the decision to remove the five male members, but did not change the formation of the remaining 5 female members. This left the Star in its’ current state of 2 points up, 1 point down. This can be verified by reviewing the ceremonies of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Eastern Star.

    Now that you have been given that tidbit of information, I’d like to know what other “satanic/cult” references I can refute for you?

    Fraternally with Love,
    A Proud Past Matron

    • True OES says:

      First all my sisters this is not some game, and what I am reading is people who want to belong to something because they think it will make you. First off search for yourself, and don’t buy into false information. When you doubt anything, your not ready, that is the wrong mind set, and the order does not need people who want to come in just to find out. This is a very powerful Order, and has no room for people have nothing else to do with their time. After all the readings, and you did not find positive information, for yourself and you still ask questions. This is not for you. Remember these ladies are found in the BIBLE, or can be referenced to from the BIBLE, for GREAT things…what will people say about you when your gone? Just think about that. They have a mark in history, it does not matter if you get it or not, Grandfathers, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, and so on ask yourself what did they represent? Hopefully, if they were a true Mason or OES you will find your answer.

  31. Christina says:

    One simple question… I am not looking for its meaning, or the lore and myth (true or not) that surounds it. How did the 5 pionted star of the eastern star, become the symbol of the O.E.S. I am looking for a simple history lesson here, no conjectures please.

    Thank You

  32. Sistar Forever says:

    Some of this information is wrong and has no place being here because first you must see the light before you can obtain true knowledge. @ Miss Shaw you can be a Star w/o having any family member ever being one because anyone can be given the light of knowledge, just find someone who can bring you in. @ Christina the 5 points represent 5 important women in the Bible and make up womanhood as a whole. For complete understanding you will have to become a Star sorry.

  33. betty rapier says:

    i just happen on this site while researching the ladies of the oes star.i have very recently become a member. i was approached about becomming esther, and was offered the riturial of a member who had passed away, she used it for over 50 years, and wanted someone to have it that loved the oes as much as she did.i was very honered to except it.i have seen only good works from my order. all done in respect for god and man.yes we have pomp and ceremony in our meetings.that is the only thanks we except, amoung ourselves and in private. we dont want the thanks of the world only the love of god and his people.i will not expand on what we do for gods people, if you really care and truly want to know join the oes and get involved. thank god for the master masons,shriners and the eastern stars thay truly do the will of god.

  34. Seth says:

    I have a found a nice website for all (like myself), who want to know what or who is “Electa”: http://arkphagrandlodge.com/five_new_beginnings.htm

    nice greeting – and keep being curious! 😉


  35. Seth says:

    Hi again!

    Also the book of Simon Cox “Decoding the Lost Symbol” has some nice explanations concerning the colors and the three heroic women in his book under the entry “The Order of the Star”.

    I wanted to copy & paste this text, but I am afraid I can’t find this book as an ebook in the internet…


  36. Dee Rod says:

    Hello Sisters & Brothers, I was researching some homework my soon to be sister told me to do. It is so weird how we are debating back and forth about who is who and why and does who are doing it for fun. Up until today I realize that these 5 woman exceptional women have alot in common with me. I never knew b/c my future sister never told me, but now I know why for years, after year they wanted me to join. It has touch my heart b/c it hurts to be reminded what I went through and am going through. All the things that has happen in my life now I know there was a purpose and a message for it. I do appreciate my future sister, and I hope that if I do get a chance to join that I can be the best that God has there for me to do. I hope that when it all goes happens I can be mentor, guide, and given more of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and our Father has there to give. I hope that won’t be a desipointment to my sister and brother. It is true if you don’t have the time to give, and support you should not join. This a 24/7 job send from God and as such we should all stick together and love one another. May God Bless you all.

  37. young hopeful says:

    I just wanted to say that this is a very interesting site. I’m a young wife of a young mason. Most the men in my family are masons and the women O.E.S. I was quite startled when I started talking about joining the O.E.S. myself at how many people believe the groups are evil. I was raised in a God fearing christian home full of masons and O.E.S. members and never saw any of them doing anything but good. I wish people wouldn’t judge what they don’t understand.

  38. CGindividual says:

    Hello All, I have been researching for some time now and admittedly there are plenty vicious comments aimed at deterring from the Masonic Order. However, I dont like to form an opinion unless fully educated with all views. By my own admission, I have a desire to become a sister but in literature provided, to do this I must be associated with a Mason or be related in some way. I would like to know what those of us who (as far as we are aware) are not related to any current or past members and do not have an affiliation at all, get the opportunity to join?

    From much literature it states that the order is in favour of accepting all those from all religious backgrounds forming a unity, yet for someone like myself who to my knowledge is not affiliated, am I not being discriminated against purely because I have no affiliation? I hope that this is a case of myself just not stumbling across the correct information to join and would highly appreciate some guidance on this. I do know of a Masonic Hall, but would I be welcome to just walk in? What do I say if I can? I do not want to do something like this if I am to be greeted with sceptism. I would like to approach this in the correct way to begin with. Any advice is very welcome.

    • new to it all says:

      ummm…. yes you can still join if you arent kin to any one. just go there & tell them are interested in becoming a OES. just make sure that its what u want to do. it takes alot of time and money. i justed started the process and i love my sistars! u might want to meet a few different chapters in your area to see which one you like best or feel most comfotable with. good luck & god bless

  39. sister ruth carnes says:

    well done

  40. marjorie cahill says:

    I too am a proud member of the eastern star and there is nothing malevolent or evil in us.our motto is charity truth and loving kindness.does that sound evil to you?

    • Jamillah ND says:

      Honestly, it really upsets me to hear people pass judgment onto something they clearly dont understand: Masons, Eastern Stars & the younger Greek Organizations. All of my Grandparents are Masons & OES and even my great grand on my mother’s side was a member of OES. My father is of the younger organization Kappa Alpha Psi and I have a HOST of cousins, aunts & uncles that are Delta Sigma Thetas, Alpha Kappa Alphas, Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigmas. I too, with no pressure from anyone will soon be joining my family legacy in organization(s) that serve a good purpose.
      Anyway, this nonsense about OES & Masons being devilish is the crazies thing I’ve ever heard of especially because I can tell you that my grandparents were/are the Holiest people you’d ever meet & they were/are the most active in the Church. They are my idols.

      Are the organizations secretive? YES, til the day they die & I do delectable that so much more now compared to when I was in elementary school and tried to smile & bat my long eye lashes to get some information. All they game me was a kiss on the forehead a smile & told me that one day I’ll learn on my own timing. My maternal grandmother is the only grandparent I have left (85) & she’s been a member of OES for over 50yrs. I for one will be honored for follow in her footsteps.

      Guess what I’m saying is don’t be ignorant to what you don’t understand. 🙂

  41. keisha says:

    when did the color of Ruth’s star point change from orange to yellow?

  42. LaDonna Gae Ann Webb says:

    I’m A grandchild of a masanory and eastern stars! Also born and raised with holly spirit blessed in me as I grew older teenager years at church camp. However it has been a bit of a blessings and a confusion being I never seen the blessings until now my 30’s. Talk about being blind until I got to be me… Myself and through a divorce and having a chance to do just that I realize it’s a blessing. So thank you God and family!! A special thank you to my grandpa grandma and a long friend of mine that never truly left my side! I Love all you guys very much!!!

  43. Easter Boykins says:

    Eastern Star are definitely based on the Bible.

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