Knights of Pythias

Knights of Pythias cemetery symbolThe Fraternal Order of Knights of Pythias is an international fraternity that promotes universal peace. It was founded in Washington, DC during the Civil War in 1864 by Justus H. Rathbone. The letters F, C and B stand for Friendship, Charity and Benevolence.

The three symbols on the headstone below are (left to right): Knights of Pythias, a Christian monogram for Jesus, and the Modern Woodmen of America (the original name of the Woodmen of the World).

Knights of Phythias, IHS (Christian monogram), and Modern Woodmen of the World

Photos: Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, Colorado


3 Responses to Knights of Pythias

  1. Looking for name & location of cemetery just north of El Paso TX. In February 1882 Rio Grande Lodge #23 paid for burial of one Stanley M “Doc” Cummings in this cemetery. Mr. Cummings was shot to death by one James Manning in downtown El Paso. He was the brother in law of Dallas Stoudenmire, US Marshal.


  2. Brad Keltner says:

    Just one correction. You state that Modern Woodmen of America was the original name of WOW. That is not correct. They are two separte organizations and MWA is still around and stronger than ever. Thanks!

  3. janel collins says:

    my great grandfather headstone has a maple leaf and within has a M W A with sledgehammer and axe a little different than modern woodmen of america symbol above just wonder if they changed them at a certain time or if different ones meant different things

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