Angel Hand by Joe Beine

Lily - Cemetery SymbolFlowers are among the most commonly used symbols in cemeteries. I’ve included pictures of two of the most popular cemetery flowers, the lily and the rose. Liies symbolize innocence and purity. Roses are often associated with romance, passion and beauty. You will find numerous examples of flowers on grave markers, some merely decorative, others used as symbols. And of course live flowers are frequently left on graves. Lovelorn Joe DiMaggio had flowers sent to Marilyn Monroe’s crypt regularly for twenty years.

Both photos: Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado (the upper photo is clickable for a larger view)

3 Responses to Flowers

  1. Lara says:

    really nice images and explanation of the flowers.


  2. Tigress says:

    I have taken some really cool photographs at Fairmount.
    In fact, I have a photo of the angel holding that flower (in the first photo).

    If anyone is interested, it’s an amazing statue that is definitely worth checking out at:
    click on the image to see the recommended, full-view.

  3. Frieda Davison says:

    The lily is often called the Virgin’s flower and sometimes symbolizes the deceased was a young unmarried woman. The rose is considered the “perfect flower” and is often used to symbolize Jesus Christ.

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