Frequently Asked Questions about the Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols Blog/Website

How can I find the cemetery where my relative, friend or ancestor is buried?
Two good sources are death certificates and newspaper obituaries (or death notices) as these will sometimes (but not always) tell you where the person is buried. Some cemeteries also have online burial databases where you can search for a burial by name. This directory may be helpful in your search for cemeteries, obituaries and death certificates…

Online Death Indexes, Records, Obituaries and Cemetery Burials

What kind of camera do you use to take the pictures here?
Most of the pictures were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 digital camera (point and shoot) and a Nikon D80 digital SLR. Some of the angel photographs were taken with a Pentax ME-Super, which is a 35mm film camera.

Where do you get the information about the meaning of each symbol?
I use Douglas Keister’s excellent book, Stories in Stone – A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography, as a reference. I also sometimes use Wikipedia. Many of the societies like Freemasons, Shriners, Elks, Rebekahs, etc. still exist, and they often have websites with history sections that are very helpful.

Is this a blog?
I’m using the free version of the blog software and web host called WordPress, but I don’t really consider this a blog. It’s more of a website with blog-like qualities. But you can call it a blog if you want. I chose WordPress because it’s fairly easy to use and has categories. I think it’s easier to find things here by using the categories – see the “sidebar” on the right side. I also like the way the blog format allows people to receive updates via email or through a feed reader. Click the “subscribe” tab at the top if you’re interested in receiving updates.

How can I contact you?
Click on the “about” tab at the top of this page for contact info.

2 Responses to FAQ

  1. Cat says:

    I have a ring I got from my grandmother … she said it belonged to her grandfather John T Brown a Mason from AL and came from the Knights Templar line of both the ST Clair and Du Bardioux they came to the US from Scotland .. this ring is very odd as I have had several Jewelers evaluate it . I was told it was a composite of two rings remade.

    It is silver with a square front …
    with the edges are engraved with square block patterns …
    top and bottom of the ring have 7 squares …
    the sides have 8 squares …
    and the regular Mason symbol on the front was cut from a gold ring and added to the ring..
    The Jeweler said it is European gold due to the caret count not American with no idea of the age …
    On the right side of the ring is an added gold shield crest with a cock in it .. same type of gold ..
    The left side of the rind has a shield with what looks like an owl face again the same type of European gold as the others ..

    I have searched for years to try and find the meanings of these symbols on the side plates of the ring .. and tried to date it without any success …

    Does anyone have any idea why my grandfather had such a ring and the meanings of the symbols on it and a way to try to place it or date it?


  2. Ronnie Rama says:

    I have been researching Ars Moriendi from the XV century and their imagery. I am wondering if you are aware of any research that links these books with funerary art.
    Thanks for your help.

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