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7 Responses to Comments Policy & Disclaimer

  1. Robin says:

    I recently visited Arlington National Cemetery and notice that some gravestones had castles on them. Do you what the castle stands for?

  2. Joe says:

    I’m not sure, Robin. But here’s a list of “Available Emblems of Belief for Placement on Government Headstones and Markers” from the Department of Veterans Affairs website:

  3. Robin says:

    Thank you. I checked and there is no castle on there. I’ve searched lots of sites and can’t find anything that looks like a castle. Ill keep looking.

  4. Emma Jeffers says:

    Hi. I just wanted to. Know why people throw pennies on graves. I. Have seen grave sites that have pennies on them and wonder why. ? And also. Why people put chimes. In the trees over a grave

  5. Pat Meier says:

    I have a pin that belonged to my grandmother, (I am 75 yrs. old). It says past guardian, women of woodcraft, it has three stones hanging from it, and a book, or bible. I know my grandfather belonged too the woodmen of the world. any suggestion what I can do with this pin? belonging to a masonic family, I am an Eastern Star member. I know that lodges often have an archives section. I would gladly give it up to the right people. Can you help me?

  6. CAROL RODANO says:

    How can I find out if my grandmother was a daughter of Rebecca or degree of Rebecca? She has the symbol metal plate at her gravesite. She is in Cape May County at Coldsprings cemetery. Her name is Myrtle Murray, BORN 1900, DIED 1956.

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