Alfred Packer’s Grave

Colorado’s notorious cannibal, Alfred Packer (1842-1907), is buried in Littleton Cemetery in Littleton, Colorado with a military grave marker — he was a Civil War veteran. In the photo below you can see that his headstone is chipped and a cement slab covers his grave. Both of these were caused by a Halloween prank. In the 1960s and 70s kids would sneak into the cemetery and steal Alfred Packer’s gravestone, usually on Halloween. But it always turned up somewhere, often on someone’s doorstep. Your doorbell rings and you open the door expecting trick or treaters, only to find a cannibal’s tombstone on your front porch. During one of these pranks the grave marker was chipped, and eventually the city got tired of all this Halloween nonsense and had the grave and its marker cemented down. Just in case anyone had any strange ideas about stealing Alfred himself, they made sure the cement slab covered the whole grave.

Photograph of Alfred Packer's grave in Littleton Cemetery, Littleton, Colorado

This is a good example of a marble headstone for Union Civil War veterans – the person’s name and military unit are within a shield. Packer’s tombstone is engraved with: “Alfred Packer, Co. F, 16 U.S. Inf.”

12 Responses to Alfred Packer’s Grave

  1. Austin says:

    I didn’t think I’d really be interested in a web site about grave markers but this is quite informative. I’m somewhat of a History buff and I appreciate culture in most instances. I guess I never thought about a grave marker saying much other than who was there. Hmm…pretty interesting stuff and tasteful.


  2. D S says:

    I was quite surprised to see the spelling of Alferd Packer’s name
    on his grave. I’m a native of Littleton, though I never visited the
    grave, and every Colorado schoolchild knows his name was
    spelled Alferd — “er” not “re” — so it’s interesting to see that
    the gravestone spells it “re.”
    We’ve always been proud of our Colorado cannibal, and in fact the
    cafe in the student union at CU in Boulder is called the Packer Grill.

    • L S says:

      I’m a resident of Littleton, and Alfred’s name is spelled correctly. He had one mispelling of Alferd, which is not his correct given name. Loved seeing his gravesite this past week.

  3. han solo says:

    thats so weird….. my high school is right up the streeet from littleton cemetary. i see his grave from the bus every day. hahahaha

  4. Allie says:

    That is so creepy. I would hate to have a gravestone appear on my doorstep.

  5. ethen says:

    this cannable has my respect he is a homie

  6. eathen says:

    that cannable was miss judged he seems like a coolguy

  7. Rob says:

    I can’t imagine finding a tombstone on my doorstep. Morbid.

  8. Packer says:

    Just thought id leave this.. im looking into my family history.. and what do you know. Alfred is like my great great great grandpa. I recently just found out. my grandpa told me.

  9. bella says:

    i don’t know the whole story..but it seems to me that if people had died as a result of the snowstorm when the were stranded in the Colorado Rockies during the 1800’s, that maybe Packer didn’t intend to become a cannibal, however, he instinctually needed to survive. If he killed the people to stay alive, then yes, he is a murderer and was justice was properly served.

  10. Olivia says:

    I was watching Celebrity Ghost Stories & i heard about him on there.

  11. Toni Shannon says:

    I remember living in Littleton in the early 1970’s when Packer’s tombstone was constantly vandalized. Nobody was a fan.

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