Daughters of Rebekah

The Daughters of Rebekah (DR) are a female auxiliary of the International Order of Odd Fellows. The Rebekah Degree was first established in 1851 and there are separate Rebekah lodges today. This example shows the Odd Fellows three chain links symbol intertwined with the letter “R,” and a dove, representing peace, inside the letter “D.” The circular part of the “D” will often be depicted as a crescent moon.

Daughters of Rebekah cemetery symbol

Photo: Gravemarker of Jennie Outcalt (1884-1960), Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado


48 Responses to Daughters of Rebekah

  1. Maggie says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Am researching a family members history in “The Rebekah’s”.
    Her name was Eleanor M. Rockwell. Rockwell is Eleanor’s maiden surname.
    Born in Hinkley, Medina County, Ohio on 19 Nov 1829.
    Married to Hiram Bennett on 01 Nov 1855 in Fairfield, Shiaswassee County, Michigan, she took her husbands surname of Bennett.
    Am interested in her role as a member of The Rebekah’s. Possibly as a nurse in addition to other roles.
    This is a query for personal genealogy work for my Bennett family and will not be made public in any way.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Margo R. Bennett (Elmer)

  2. Jennifer says:

    On tis site they have a link where you can send an e-mail with all of the information you have listed above and they should be able to get the information you need.

    I came across the site today when at the Oakland Cemetary in Atlanta found a few headstones with FLT in links.

    Hope this helps you!

  3. William P. Sltock says:

    My great aunt (Lillie Stock) was a member of the Rebeka Assemblies until her death in 1957 in Silver City, Nevada. I have two questions:

    1. Are non-member descendents permitted access to any member records that may assist in my genealogical search (membership application, degrees conferred, etc.)

    2. Her gravesite was recently vandalized, and I would like to replace the Rebekah icon previously standing on a pole apart from the headstone. This particular icon (as best as I can tell) is about 6″ in diameter, includes two 3/8″ holes on the back for mounting on a pole, and encompasses the silver crescent covering about 200 degrees of the circumference, and contains (from top to bottom) the dove, “FLT”, and the letter “R”). I would like to be able to replace the icon on her gravesite but have not been able to locate a source. Any auggestions?

    Thank you.

  4. Beverly Cook says:

    My grandmother was presiding president of the Rebeka’s in California. I have her gavel. I would have to look at it to see what years she presided. I am interested further information. My Grandmother was Jean Francis Cook. She was a very special person.

  5. Gale Mahn says:

    I have a picfture with a couple hundred people gathered for the Seventh Annual District Assembly, Rebekah Lodges, Dist. No 7 De Soto Missouri, Oct. 15 1914. It belonged to my husbands great aunt. I was wondering if there would be any interest in it. Thanks, Gale

  6. David says:

    Mrs. Cook,

    Anyone that has ANY info on California Lodges and people who were members, please contact me with any info. I have found an Odd Fellows and Rebekas’s lodge with FULL ballrooms! It had been overlooked for years!

    Thank you,



  7. Adam says:

    Mr. William P. Sltock

    I can tell you that the letters “FLT” stand for Friendship, Love and Truth. Not sure about the remainder.

  8. Nancy Stricker says:

    For William P. Sltock,
    most Rebekah lodges would be willing to help you with the marker. If it’s the one I think it is it’s a flag holder. I’ve seen two dif designs. You would probably need to get ahold of the Neveda state Rebekah Assembly. I’m from Nebraska, been a Rebekah since I was 18, I’m going to be 43 this coming week. My Great-grandparents, grandmother, mother, aunt, a cousin and a sister have all been members.
    I Googled Rebekah Assembly of Nevada and this is what I found.

    This site has both the Grand IOOF Secretary and the Rebekah Secretary.
    I’ve just put the first part of the info for you. The rest, with mailing address, phone number and an email addy if on the page.

    Rebekah Assembly of Nevada, IOOF
    Helen Leonard, Assembly Secretary

    I’m not sure that this would be the same secretary, most likely it is. But the mailing address will be the same. They would be your best bet in answering your questions. Hope this helps some.

    Nancy Stricker
    PNG & PDDP
    Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
    Princess Rebekah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  9. Jody Bohot says:

    To Nancy Stricker,
    My grandparents were buried in the IOOF cemetary in Caliente, Nevada in the 1950’s. I have some of their IOOF and Rebekah pins, rings and badges an have been curious about them. What does the PNG on my grandmother’s ring stand for? I also have a pin that says Wildey No. 38 across the top and has a gavel hanging down from it and a circle of “gold” with a 10-point star in the middle. I had been searching for pictures of the jewelry just to identify what they are. My mother passed away at age 95 and in going through her stuff, I found her mother’s jewery in a wadded up paper towel with a rubber band around it. Thanks for any information.

  10. Perry Keeton says:

    The PNG stands for “Past Noble Grand”. “Noble Grand” was the highest office in lodges of the Daughters of Rebekah. After leaving office, the officers became “Past Noble Grands” and continued to act in advisory and ceremonial roles.

  11. Elizabeth Barratt says:

    I would like to know more about the Wildey No. 38 pin, from Judy Bohot. My great-great grandfather was David Wildey, originally of Wisconsin. Around the Civil War he left his wife, Lydia Eliza Blodgett and daughter Emma in either Lake Geneva, WI or Hebron, IL and traveled to Nevada where apparently he began an entirely new life. An uncle saw his photo in the Last Frontier Saloon in Las Vegas many years ago and recognized it, but that is all I know. Would love to know if I have any Wildey relatives out there!

  12. Nancy Stricker says:

    For Judy Bohot. It sounds like you might have either an NG (Nobel Grand) pin or an PNG (Past Nobel Grand) pin. I’ve an old PNG pin that belonged to my great-grandmother.

    The photo of the OP is an engraving on the stone. My grandma’s stone has that. There is also a flag holder/marker that most Rebekah Lodge members have next to the headstones. I have some pics of those, but will have to upload them at a later time.

    Sorry it took me so long to get back

    I haven’t ever hear the lodge refered to as ‘Daughters of Rebekah’. In all my years around the Hemingford Lodge it’s always been Rebekah Lodge and the state lodge is Rebekah Assembly of Nebraska. It is interesting to hear other stories about Rebekah Lodge ^.^

  13. Kimberly (Koyle) Bell says:

    In Eureka, Utah (1902) the Eureka Weekly Reporter states that the ‘Daughters of Rebekah’ raised money for my GG Grandmother by holding a dance at the Odd Fellows Hall. The funds purchased her and her 5 children a home. My question is…did they perform this kind of service for anyone in need or does this mean that my GG Grandfather was likely an Odd Fellow? Thank you for any assistance. I’ve never located a record that states my GG Grandfather Edward Koyle was an Odd Fellow.

  14. Nancy Stricker says:

    Jody, the Wildy No. 38 could refer to the Lodges name and number. I know in Nebraska the lodges all have numbers and some have either the names of the towns they are in, such as my first lodge; Hemingford Lodge #293. And some lodges choose names for themselves, such as my second lodge; Princess Rebekah Lodge #65
    As for the gavel, that could denote an office, poss. that of Nobel Grand.
    If you could post a picture of it that might help me figure out if it is a local or a state type of pin.

    Kimberly, the lodges helped many people, both lodge members and non members. Here is abit of what Rebekahs do:

    Becoming a Rebekah offers many opportunities to:

    -understand the principles of Friendship, Love, and Truth
    -be involved in leadership training applicable to everyday life.
    -have a more purposeful life.
    -develop enduring friendships far and wide.
    -become an active participant in your community.
    -broaden your mind.
    -help children, the elderly, and the less fortunate.
    -develop an inner satisfaction that money cannot buy.
    -have a warm friendly welcome in strange cities and distant lands.
    -have companionship at a time of loneliness.
    -enlarge your circle of friends.
    -use your talents to help others
    -have fun

    Become a Rebekah and change your life!

    In short, both the OddFellows and Rebekahs believe in this:

    To visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan.

    So I could easily see the IOOF lodge helping your GG Grandmother like that, even if your GG Grandfather &/or GG Grandmother were members or not.
    Hope that helps some :o)

    Nancy Stricker
    PNG & PDDP
    Hemingford Rebakah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
    Princess Rebakah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

    • Jody Bohot says:

      Nancy, I apologize for taking so long to respond but I wanted thank you for the helpful information on my grandmother’s PNG pin.

      • Nancy Stricker says:

        Jody, no problem! I love being a Rebekah and if I can help others out then that is an added bonus

        Being a 4th generation Rebekah I guess I kind of see it as my duty to help others. If you have any other questions I’ll do what I can to answer them or help :o)

        In F.L. & T.

  15. George Logan says:

    my mother has passed several years ago and we have always placed a Rebekah Lodge flag in the icon at her gravesite. we no longer have any flags and i was wondering where we can purchase some. thank you

  16. Maxine Kratzer says:

    My mother belonded to the Daughters of Rebekah Loldge in Latham, Ohio. I have her ritual. I also just purchasded a picture of the IOOF. It is a oval shape frame with the name of the Lodge and the it was in Sinking Spring, Ohio. My sons owns the Funeral Home in Sinking Spring and plans to hang it in the entrance of the funeral home. Maxine Kratzer

  17. Kathy Chapman says:

    I have two of my great grandmothers books. They are written in some sort of code. She was a PNG / /Bee Hive Rebekah Lodge #11, Williamson, WV. Can somebody shed some light on this little book?

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      Kathy Chapman, I am going to guess that the books you have are possibly hard covered and a dark green? And might say ‘ritual book’ somewhere on/in it? If so then that would have been one of the books that members had that they would take with them to meetings. They were so members could follow along with the order of the meeting and they also have the officers duties in them so each officer can give the duties of said office. They aren’t really in code, but they are considered secret work. Once a woman becomes a Lodge member then they are taught how to read the secret work. And they are also taught how to read and give the Unwritten Work. Unfortunatly I cannot give out the secret work to non members. But you might be able to get ahold of the I.O.O.F. Grand Lodge or the Rebekah Assembly in WV and see if they might be able to give you some more insight.
      I’ve been a Past Nobel Grand and a Past District Deputy President.
      I have my moms ritual book and my small unwritten work book yet.

      • Rosa-Lynne Stanley says:

        We had my mother’s books. I threw them away when the time came to quickly clean out Dad’s apartment. It always annoyed me I could not read then. I am an avid reader.There was a bigger book and a small one. I disagree with you; they are in code. Some unknown language of lines and dashes. I firmly believe anything that needs to be hidden from the general public is something to be suspect of.
        I have been asked several times to join lodges but have not for this reason.

      • Nancy Stricker says:

        Rosa, they are not in any secret code or unknown language. I promise you that on my grandma’s grave, my mom’s grave and even on my youngest son’s grave.

        The unwritten work is simply parts of words that have letters not printed, hence the dashes/lines.

        An example: ‘N–c- S-r—-r’ which when the missing letters are put in make it read as this, ‘Nancy Stricker’. Nothing nefarious or evil about it, really. Back when they started they, like other organizations, had things that were not for non-members to see. They do have sections in the books that show what is allowed for public meetings and public Officer Installations.

        And some of those things have been held over, although there has been some changes, like the unwritten work had been shortened down to 4 parts instead of the almost 10 parts that there was when I joined.

        I proudly won the Unwritten Work Banner 4 times at our District Meetings!

        I am sorry that you feel that way. I enjoy being a Rebekah and helping others.

        F, L and T

  18. rlb83179 says:

    I have a partial headstone in the Oakland, Nebraska cemetery that has the Rebekah symbol on a metal ornament by the headstone. On the Rebekah symbol it says Nebr OF 177. Is there a listing of who was a member back in the 1800’s?
    The cemetery directory does not have this person on it’s list and I would like to find her.
    The letters ..issa for the first name are the only letters still readable,
    the last name could start with a P, but it has been damaged, and it’s possible that it is something else.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      I know that this has been awhile, so I am hoping that you found something. But just in case you haven’t yet. I would try getting ahold of the Rebekah Assembly of Nebraska.

      Nebraska – RA IOOF
      724 W 6th St
      Fremont, NE 68025-4828

      Hopefuly they might be able to at least steer you in the right direction. You might also see about cheking out if the newspaper(s) or a library or museum in Oakland, NE might have that information, too.

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebakah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebakah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  19. Sandra (Sandy) Paige McKenna says:

    I recently came across some papers of past family members. I was able to get some info online aboout the Rebekah Lodge that was mentioned in an orbituary of a distant Aunt. Her name was Gertrude Roseboom and the orbituary said she was a noble grand, of the central Rebekah lodge in Auburn, N.Y. She passes away February of 1939. I would greatly appreciate any info you could send me or tell me where to go to find such info. She was the Aunt of my father Philip Paige, my sisters and I are hoping this info will lead us closer to finding answers to questions about our father. I could find no info on the Auburn Rebekah Lodge. Thanking you for your help.
    Sandy Paige McKenna

    • Shelly Peters says:

      Hi Sandra,
      Seeing the date on your request for information makes me hope you may have already found the answers to your family mystery but just in case you have not found the info here is some that may be of help to you.

      Many lodges have consolidated over the years as membership has declined so you are going to have to look in the area of the original lodge to see if there is one within a 10 mile range that they have consolidated with. This may not be as simple as it sounds as there may have been multiple consolidations over the years. One of the easiest ways to find a lost Rebekah Lodge would be to locate the Men’s Odd Fellow Lodge that supported it. If there are still lodges in the area you can contact them directly and tell them what you are looking for and give them the names of the persons for whom you are looking for information on and there may be a member there who remembers seeing their name. Most of our members are still very sharp even into their 90’s and can remember many great details.

      Another way would be to contact the Grand Lodge for New York and ask the Secretary to search the books on file for the members name, since you know what lodge they may have been from this should not be too difficult to find. This book will give you some basic information such as full name, date of birth, address and occupation.
      Here is the contact info:
      Grand Lodge Office:
      245 Costa Rd Highland NY 12528

      Someone there should be able to help. Do not give up if you do not reach someone the first try, also follow up with a request by letter giving as much detail as you may have.

      Hopefully this will give you some additional insight.

      In FL&T
      Shelly Peters
      P.N.G Rising Star Rebekah Lodge #8

    • William Haney says:

      You may be able to find some newspaper accounts of your family members:


      This website has collected newspaper stories from localities all over New York State.

      My mother, who was a Rebekah, was mentioned in several stories as was my grandfather who was a member of the IOOF for more than sixty years beginning in Fernie, B.C. and ending in Niagara Falls, New York.

  20. Theresa Alvey- Hunley says:

    I am trying to find information on my mom and her activities as a Rebekah. I know growing up I lived in a Lodge somewhen around Chicago area’s, when my mom would have these huge banquet, wedding parties, etc . I know up this very wide staircase,was the lodge, which everything was wood. I remember it llke it was yesterday. Mom said never give the details of what I seen up there. Her maiden name was Judith (Judy) Hunley but when she was renting or whatever her role was her name was Judy Willis married to Verly Willis, both from Illionis. I’m wondering if in the archives there is any information on her. I would love to step in as a Daughter of a Rebekah and get more details.

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      Hopefully you have found some information, but if not you might try getting ahold of the Rebakah Assemebly of Illinois. They might be able to steer you in the right direction.

      Illinois – RA IOOF
      PO Box 1806
      Belvidere, IL 61008-1243

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebakah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebakah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  21. Dusty says:

    Hello, I am looking for information and members that may be still involved in the Rebekah’s of Western Pa. My Grandmother was a Noble Grand.
    Please contact me, thank you kindly.

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      I hope that you have gotten some information, but if not then you might try the Rebakah Assembly of Pennsylvania. They might be able to steer you in the right direction. Or if you know where your Grandmother lived then you might try the local library or museum and see if they have any records of organizations that were there.

      Pennsylvania – RA I.O.O.F.
      115 N Centre Ave
      Leesport, PA 19533-8819

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebakah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebakah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  22. Doreen Gregg Moeser says:

    My grandmother Audra L Gregg was a PNG in the late 1950’s and I’m trying to gather information on her time spent in the Rebekahs in Buffalo, NY. Can anyone help me to obtain this information.

  23. Becky says:

    Does anyone know where we could purchase a grave marker for my grandmothers grave? I am looking for the stand up kind

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      Take three ^_^

      I have found a website that has both the grave markers and the flags that go with them. However I would first check with the Rebekah Assembly Lodge in the state that your grandmother was a member in. They might be able to get one to you for little to no cost.

      The name of the online company is; Kalamazoo Regalia.com
      click the I.O.O.F./REBEKAHA tab and it should take you to a page with flags and markers as choices.

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebekah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  24. Lois says:

    Would like to give away some scrap books of my Mother’s- She was a member for several years. At Rebekah Lodge of Del City, Ok.
    (Jewel McCullough Dec.13,1917-Jan.4, 2007)

    • Shelly says:

      Hi Lois,
      I would be happy to help you find the right home for your mothers scrapbooks. You can privately message me at shellypeters@sbcglobal.net

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      You could contact the Rebekah Assembly of Oklahoma and they might be able to help you.

      Oklahoma – RA IOOF
      4520 SE 25th St
      Del City, OK 73115-4114

      They will either be able to tell you if they have a place for them. My first lodge, Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293, had donated quite a few things to the local library to display. The lodge charter, flags and other items are on display in a seperate room there. I know there are some museums that like to have some items from the local organizations for the history aspect. I have quite a few of my first lodges scrapbooks and awards that we earned for our float entries in the county fair parade.

      Hope you find a good home for your mother’s scrapbooks!

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebakah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebakah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  25. Betty Eisenlohr says:

    do you display an American Flag in the Rebekah flag holder?

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      I have only seen a Rebekah flag displayed in a Rebekah Grave Marker.

      This is one type of grave marker, my grandmother has one like this as do many members of the lodges on this end of the state,

      Personally I like the older one with the crescent moon, 7 stars, the lily, the dove and the ‘R’ with the three links. I wish the beehive was on it, but I suppose that there can only be so many things on one :o)

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebekah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  26. Sally Siebert says:

    Anyone who knew my grandmother, Selma Siebert. PA President approx. ’58 or ’59.

  27. Sandy Wedman says:

    I am looking for any info on my mother ( Barbara skellenger Hobbick)and (Mildred may Parrish skellenger) both belonged partridge, Kansas. Mildred went by may. May member for 25 yrs. As have her pin. Another grandmother ( Hilda Irene Donnelly Hobbick) was member in Lyons, Kansas also have her pin also have note sent to her verifying her 50 years. Also have pin with rhinestones and has Rebekah on it. Theses towns are close to Hutchinson, Kansas. Any help would be appreciated.
    Sandy Wedman.

  28. Ed Bleicher says:

    I have a paper patent that was issued to my Grandmother Edith Austin on June 28,1960 from lodge # 98 in Pa. I would like to find out the meaning of it.

    • Nancy Stricker says:

      Sally and Ed, you might try the Rebekah Assembly of Pennsylvania. They might be able to steer you in the right direction.

      Pennsylvania – RA I.O.O.F.
      Leesport, PA

      Sally, you might also try and contact local library or museum and see if they have any displays of the area Rebekah Lodges/ You might also try and search local newspapers from your area during those years. A lot of times the newspapers would post articles about Lodge activities, esp if they did a District Meeting, visited shut-in members and things like that.

      Ed, that sounds like a cool item! Hope you can get some information on that from the Rebekah Assembly.

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293 (Hemingford NE)
      Princess Rebekah Lodge #65 (Gordon NE)

  29. Michelle Rothra says:

    Hi, I recently discovered my husband’s great grandmother was a Noble Grand with the Chautauqua Rebekah lodge (#529) in Mayville. Her name was Emma Christine Rothra (Mrs. Henry Rothra). This was in 1940. I have been trying to obtain pictures of her as the family has none. I did write to the secretary in New York about it and am waiting a reply. Does anyone know anyone who was with this particular group? There were also other various family members that were Noble Grands as well. Blanche Burroughs was a Noble Grand in 1919. This was a great aunt and there were a couple of other relatives, Mary Rothra, and Elva Johnson who were also members and related.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank you,

    • puuhleez07 says:

      Sorry it took me awhile to reply 🙂

      If you haven’t heard back from the secretary yet, you might check newspapers from the town of the lodge your great-grandmother-in-law belonged to. Might even check a library or museum, especially if they have a geneology section.

      Also, if the area she lived has done a book of the town/counties history that might give you another resource to look into.

      I hope you find some information

      Nancy Stricker
      PNG & PDDP

      Hemingford Rebekah Lodge #293 (Hemingford, Nebraska)
      Princess Rebekah Lodge #65 (Gordon, Nebraska)

  30. Bud Ward says:

    I am researching a past relative of mine “Sarah Pearl Allia (Taylor). She was a past member of the Rebekah lodge in Akron. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

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