Daughters of the American Revolution – DAR

Daughters of the American Revolution - DAR - cemetery symbolThe Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) was founded in 1890. Today this lineage organization and genealogical society has about 168,000 members. Any woman 18 or older, who can prove a lineal bloodline descent from a patriot of the American Revolution, is eligible for membership. The DAR promotes patriotism, preservation of American history, and education.

A notable fictional member of the DAR is Emily Gilmore of the CW television show, Gilmore Girls.

Photo: Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, Colorado


10 Responses to Daughters of the American Revolution – DAR

  1. Lenora E. McCabe says:

    My mother, Genevieve McCabe, was a member and officer. She died last June. I want to get her the DAR grave marker. How do I reach somebody who has this information? My mother was a member of the Shatemuc Chapter in Rockland County in New York State. She was a regent twice. Her ancestor is Luther Hall. Lenora

    • Patricia Thames says:

      You should contact the current Reagent from this chapter and they would put the marker on her headstone from the chapter.

  2. joe says:

    Hello Lenora,
    For information on DAR insignia markers for graves, see their website:

  3. Martha Erickson, Shatemuc Regent says:

    Dear Lenora,
    I am so very sorry that I didn’t see this before now! If you have not marked your Mother’s grave, please contact me! This is something we love to do – and especially for one who was loved as much as your Mother was. Marthase@aol.com
    Martha Erickson
    Regent, Shatemuc Chapter, NSDAR

  4. Bernard Kendall Jr says:

    My Great Grandmother was a member of the Rockland County New York Chapter along with her Daughter. Her name was Minnie McCloud-Frederick and Her daughter was Gladys Frederick-Wenzel. I need to get my Grandmothers Registration number to have my lineage verified as I am trying to become a member of the S.A.R. How or who can I contact to get this information?

  5. Sharon says:

    My Great Grandmother was a daughter of the American Revolution. We have Eight Generations buried in Loda, Illinois Cemetary…Pine Ridge Please help me find a way to place this on my grandmothers grave and to also reserve this for myself and daughters. Thank You for your time

  6. Jessica A. says:

    I have yet to find a DAR symbol in my cemetery research. I guess there are none here in my area of Florida. Love the site.

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