Cross and Crown

Here’s a nice example of the Christian symbol of a cross inside a crown. In cemetery symbolism this is thought to represent suffering (the cross) followed by eternal reward (the crown).

The Knights Templar version of this symbol is sometimes set within a Maltese cross. Or you will find it near other Masonic symbols. For more information on the Knights Templar version and its connection to Freemasonry click on the Knights Templar category over on the right side.

Christian cemetery symbol of a cross within a crown

Photo: from the headstone of John R. Champion (1856-1917) and Jane L. Champion (1859-1952), Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

3 Responses to Cross and Crown

  1. Jill Prestigiacomo says:

    Recently visited the grave of a friend’s grandfather. She couldn’t tell me what the badge on his headstone symbolized. It’s a flower shape with the initials E, C, W, U, F in each of it’s five “petals.” There is a pentagon with a cross, a crown, and a small maltese cross in the center.

    What does it mean?

  2. Parpar says:

    Post a photo of the stone at Find A Grave . . . you should get a useful response!

  3. Justin says:

    The five petaled rose is a symbol of England. I don’t know what the rest means, but the crown with roses usually means an affiliation with the Church of England. Look up Rose in Heraldry and there are many articles on it.

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