Double-Headed Eagle – Scottish Rite Freemasonry

This double-headed eagle symbol is for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The number 32 inside the triangle represents the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. The Latin motto, “Spes mea in Deo est,” means “My hope is in God.”

Double-headed eagle - Scottish Rite Freemasonry cemetery symbol

For more details see the Scottish Rite Freemasonry FAQ

Photo: Brunton family plot, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado


76 Responses to Double-Headed Eagle – Scottish Rite Freemasonry

  1. nathan says:

    my grandfather has this symbot except the triange is upside down. Any ideas as to what that could mean?


    • michael says:

      yes, first it’s not a triangle….it’s a pyramid, and the egyptians always build them right side up. thanx

      • Robert M. Hall Jr. 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason. says:

        The symbol is a Delta (Triangle). It’s not a Pyramid till you enter the Shrine.

    • nate says:

      An upside down triangle represents the feminine and the right side up represents the masculine.

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      The upside down triangle is not a pyramid, nor a represtation of the feminine in this case. Different states have used the inverted triangle over the years in place of the standing one, but it means nothing different than the right side up one that is much more common.

  2. AMY says:


    • karleigh says:

      This ring is from a very high ranked individual involved in the Masons, take care of it.

      • Chris says:

        Actually Karleigh, that’s not quite true. Every man becomes a 32 degree mason the day he joins the Scottish Rite. There are no Scottish Rite Masons below the 32 degree. In truth, the highest degree in Masonry is the 3rd degree. The Scottish Rite degrees (4-32) are commentaries on the first three degrees and shed more light and understanding upon them. The 33rd degree is an honorary degree given to men who have given a lifetime of service to the fraternity.

        The idea that masonry hides information from men of lower degrees and has a ruling class of “High Degree Masons” is a myth.

        As I am fond of saying when people approach me with this non-sense:

        Q: You Mason’s are trying to take over the world aren’t you?

        A: Yes, we’re going to do that right after we can all agree on which day to have the fish fry.

      • John says:

        Actually, Chris, you become a 16th degree mason when you are first inducted into the Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite in my town is a separate division of the Freemasons, and you have to join them separately. You have to take another course to become a 32nd degree Freemason. And you can reach the 33rd degree at a relatively young age, but you have to study their history and rituals for a few years.

      • EA says:

        Actually, John, Chris is right. You can not study to be a 33rd… That’s nonsense…. It’s an honor for Masonic or public service. It’s easy to see who is and isn’t a Mason here. Now back to trying to find a nice ring. Just became a 32nd tonight.

      • Kevin H∴ says:

        Just want to verify that Chris and EA are absolutely right. You cannot study for the 33rd degree. It is an honorary degree only awarded to those who have made a significant contriubtion to the betterment of society or Freemasonry.

  3. Gg says:

    I was wandering myself I’ve also had a ceramic 2 headed Eagle Liquor Decanter anyone know if it’s worth anything (It’s empty of course lol but great condition)

  4. randy says:

    found two small pins with a threaded attaatchment to hold onto clothing item. is there a oldness to these or are they common to today. it is the same as the eagle with the 32 above on the stone.


    • Wil says:


      The pins you speak of are quite common and are a symbol of a particular degree of “Free Masonry” in the “Scottish Rite”,of which I am one.

      They are readily available today and tody usually sell for from $1.00 to $5.00, depending upon the quality and workmanship.

      They have no real value. I would suggest that you give them to a friend who is a Mason of the “Scottish Rite”.

      Or, Better yet explore the posibility of becoming a mason yourself.

      God bless,


  5. oliver says:

    My grandfather has a similar ring with the triangle upside down. In my research I’ve found equalateral triangles to be a symbol of the freemasons. Symply because it is upside down does not make it different then the double headed PHEONIX with the triangle right side up.

  6. Richie Rich says:

    The upside triangle is an ancient symbol representing “GODS ON EARTH”. Just like any secret society, the Masonic Mysteries have double meanings, some members know what they truly mean while others are told what they should know in regards to the symbols. Obviously, with the inverted triangle, your grandfather was part of the elite knowledge base of the Scottish Rite of Masons

    • Jay Allen says:

      Richie Rich,

      This simply is not true. I am a 32nd degree Scottish Rite mason and I learned nothing new in the Scottish Rite of Masonry than the simple truths, values and morals already taught in the first 2 degrees of the blue lodge.

      Don’t believe the rumors and flat out lies of conspiracy theorists on the internet. Get to know some masons in your area and ask them any questions you have.

      Jay Allen
      Albert Pike Lodge No. 117
      AF&AM Denver, CO

  7. Lisa Bugare says:

    My mother and I inherited some jewerly from we dont know! In the collection I have what appears to be a very old ring with a double headed eagle, with a sword under its talons and the #32 on a triangle in the middle of the eagle. I have looked on the net and found this very interesting. The ring is very flat and tiny. Could this have been an old masonic womens ring?? It also has a 10 on the inside which we assumed this was 10 karat and initials OB… Is this ring worth anything but just sentimental value?/ thanks for your help from anybody who might know

    • jenni says:

      The women were called The Order of the Eastern Star. My grandmother and grandfather were in the Masons for over 50 years. Did you find any pins that confused you as well? All of it is really cool stuff. As far as value? Check ebay for simalar rings and see what they are going for.My ring (my grandmothers)is up there in price. It also depends on symbols on the ring. The Masons were a trip. You should google Masons and read all the stuff that your ring/s? are attatched too.

      • Ray says:

        instead of reading up on the internet about what it is; mainly because the truth will be hard to discern from the lies and conspiracy theories. Go find a lodge in your local area and go talk to them. You will find a good group of men and women that will give you the information you need. You never know, you might want to get involved

  8. wanderer says:

    I believe that the upside down triangle refers to the Prince of Mercy (26), whereas the point to the sky denotes the knight commander of the temple(27)

  9. wanderer says:

    ….to add if the triangles are on the double headed eagle/phoenix it represents (up) the active 33 deg. master, (down) is the 32nd sublime prince of the royal secret

  10. Hadrianus Sarmatus says:

    “The number 32 inside the triangle represents the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite.”

    Why I see only “32”-s, why exactly this degree is written on most of the masonic signs I see on the cars of masons?

    • Jay Allen says:


      To become a Scottish Rite (SR) mason you must first be a 3rd degree master mason in a blue lodge. The Scottish Rite is degrees 4 though 32 and teach additional lessons and morals that expand on the original material presented in the first 3 degrees.

      Brothers who join SR usually receive degrees 4 through 32 over the course of a 2 or 3 day conference called a Reunion. Every year, SR lodges, called Consistories, nominate members who excelled in study of ritual and ceremony or charitable contribution to receive the honorary 33rd degree.

      Most SR masons remain 32nd degree masons as there is a quota for 33rd degrees and only those who dedicate the most time energy and effort to the SR are nominated.

      Thus, this is the symbol most often seen on rings, cars, jackets, etc.

      Jay Allen
      Albert Pike Lodge No. 117
      AF&AM Denver, CO

  11. Jay says:

    The 32nd degree is the highest degree in the Scottish Rite of freemasonry which is a side body open to all Master masons. The 33rd degree is an honorary degree conferred on men who have spent their lives volunteering and contributing to the service of the fraternity.

    Masonry is not a ruling class of illumined world leaders and the person claiming that “oliver’s” grandfather was part of some elite knowledge base doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about and is simply spewing conspiracy theory rubbish found on the internet.

    Want to know about masonry? Ask a mason.

    • jenni says:

      Hi Jay,
      OK I will ask. My Grandfather and Grandmother were masons, she being eastern star. they lived in Kansas and She died in the masonic home in witchita. Did she have to be a mason or a masons wife to have been there. it was very nice. I wear her ring. A double headed pheonix with a 32 on the side and a strange sort of lightning bolt on the other. What does the squiggly lightning bolt stand for?

      • James says:

        Well It is no law or anything but for respect for the craft and your grandparents maybe you shouldnt wear the ring unless you have gone through what they went through to wear it I mean no disrespect but I am a 32nd and I endured several things to be able to wear that ring and many people make it not so special by buying or inheriting a ring again forgive me for saying it and I mean no disrespect.

      • Drew DeWalt says:

        The bolt is the Hebrew letter yod ….. First in name of Jehovah…… Perfect ring of elu…
        Dtew DeWalt, 32°

    • Daisey Maddux says:

      Jay, there are so many unknowing people who like to accuse and condemn people and things they know nothing about . God bless them. I have lived among and with 33* Masons, Scottish Rite men all of my life, I am so proud to say. I am a member of the OES’s for 35 years , My husband and 3 son’s are Shriners, they work hard helping little crippled children and theur families. I belong to the Ladies Shriner’s and .to those who are critical of the Masons and Scottish Rites and Shriner’s, I hope you much health, and good fortune and never have a need.
      I am Daisey Maddux …. Tulsa , Okla.
      Thank you Jay for coming to my Aid. I hate to see people who have no knowlege of thinds like this make a big deal of it when they know nothing. I have many ancestors , also my husband had them, My husband and 4 boys are Shriners, I’m in the Eastern Stars and Ladies’ Oriental Shrine , and now Ladies Without Nobles , . I shall and will always defend the Orders of each because I know that I know and hold each with high esteem. Daisey Maddux

  12. Amanda says:

    My husband inherited a gold ring from his late father. The ring belonged to his grandfather. In the middle is the double-headed phoenix (or eagle), on one side is a 32 in the triangle, and on the other side appears to be a 7 in a triangle. We are unsure about the 7, as it looks like it could be another symbol. Does anyone know what this means? We know about the ranking and the other symbols of the Scottish Rite masons, but what does the other symbol mean? My husband has been unable to trace any history on his grandfather and is eager to learn about any pieces he can find.

  13. Jay says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Masons are committed to caring for our widows and orphans… Eastern Star is a co-ed organization for the wives of masons but Master Masons can join as well and they put on lots of couple/family events and raise a lot of money for charity.

    The ring you are referring too sounds like a Scottish Rite 32nd degree ring… … It’s actually not a lightning bolt but probably the Hebrew letter ‘Yod’ which looks like a squiggly line and has historical and symbolical significance.

    The Scottish Rite is a side body but is open only to Master Masons, so my guess is that the ring was actually your Grandfather’s and perhaps your Grandmother wore it but it was probably originally his.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Jay Allen
    Albert Pike Lodge #117
    Denver, CO

  14. Larry says:

    My father-in law left me some jewelry, a ring with a double eagle head, a 32 on one side and a “yod” symbol on the other side, with a diamond in the center, its 14k gold. Started reading “The Lost Symbol” Dan Brown and realized the ring was masonic. I’d like to know more about the ring and the Masons. Some of what I’ve read about their beliefs fit my own….maybe I should join? How do you learn more and join?

    • ched says:

      Simply look in he phone book for the nearest Masonic hall an go visit. An invitation is not requied.

    • Aaron Parker says:

      Simple concept. Ask one to be 1. Find a mason somehow and tell them your interested. There may be a series of annoying task to follow, and a few days, weeks or in my case months of the run around but eventually you will get the opportunity. Also they are right about 32nd being an ellaboration of the first 3 degrees I have been a Mason for 2 years and have received my 32nd and getting ready to go for my knight next month…

  15. darlene winslow says:

    my husband has double headed eagle in place of 32 he has a dimond, what does that meen. His grandfather willed it to him, he was a Mason.

  16. Wil says:


    The double headed eagle with the “32” is indeed a Mason symbol, however it is not one of the basic lodge of Masonry.

    It is symbolic of a high degree of attainment in the “Scottish Tire” of “Free Masonry”; of which, I am ine.

    If you look in your phone book under “Scottish Rite” or Masonic Organizations” you will probably find a listing.

    It would seem that your husbands grandfather was a dedicated Mason.

    I would suggest that you sell or gift the items to a member of the Rite. Or better still, perhaps your husband would want to explore the possablity of becoming a mason.

    If so contact your local lodge of “Free Masonry.

    God bless,


  17. Kyle says:

    Was going through late grandfathers things and found a 14k necklace with the a pendant that had the double eagle with the number 32 in the middle on a red cross background. The initials G.B. were inscribed as well as 1916 (or 1915, very small to read). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Jay Allen says:


      If you email me a picture I would be more than happy to try to identify these items for you.

      Jay Allen
      Albert Pike Lodge No. 117
      AF&AM, Denver, CO

    • Kory Leach says:

      As stated above the double eagle and 32 represent the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite branch of Freemasonry. It is probable that the 1915/16 is the year he or the person who gave him the item reached the 32nd degree, or the year of a conference/ gathering of the Rite.

      I just attained the 32nd degree a few days ago.

      Kory Leach
      Senior Deacon
      Lewis and Clark Lodge #132 AF&AM
      Bismarck, ND

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      To add to what Kory and Jay said, that pendant is representative of the Council of Kadosh, one of the internal bodies of Scottish Rite Masonry.

  18. mike says:

    i have a gold round coin that has the double headed eagle and the triangle with the 32 in it. i cant seem to find a picture of it on the internet. can u help me with finding out what it is or was used in? thank u for any help u can offer

  19. J. Lewis says:

    I have a stainless steel sword with a double headed eagle on it. It’s about 3 feet long. It has a red cross in the middle of the eagle. Below the eagles it looks like special tattoos very similiar to a dragon. It has a label on the back saying made in Spain. What is this?

    • Jay Allen says:

      J. Lewis,

      If you email me a picture I would be more than happy to try to identify these items for you.

      Jay Allen
      Albert Pike Lodge No. 117
      AF&AM, Denver, CO

    • Aaron Parker says:

      Sounds like a decrative Tylers sword. Nothing special someone just wanted a good looking sword. Also the equivilent to Scottish is not Eastern Star its the Order of the Golden circle.

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      Your sword is indeed a ceremonial Scottish Rite sword, representative of the 3rd grouping of degrees called the Council of Kadosh.

  20. jim the shagman says:

    chris i am a 32′ mason and that has to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  21. Ben says:

    the sword on my grandfathers belt buckle has a different hilt than the picture above. what does that mean?

  22. Jennett Fay says:

    I have cuff links with the double headed eagle and a black triangle “32” in the center. The eagle is surrounded by 16 diamonds. It belonged to my great great grandfather David Ward of Michigan. Should I hold on to this? I was thinking of donating them

  23. calbert jasper says:

    can a native american join the masonship…

  24. Jay Allen says:


    Freemasonry is open to every man, regardless of ethnicity, social status, or religious beliefs, provided he believes in a Supreme Being. Joining is simple, to be one ask one.

    Jay Allen
    Albert Pike Lodge No. 117
    Denver, CO

  25. JER says:

    I was just handed a box full of items from my Grandfather. The box contains a vaiety of personal items. I immedately identified many Freemasonry items including the double-headed eagle plate that can be attached to a vehical. I do not know what many of the items mean and was wondering where I can look to find their meanings. According to my father, my grandfather was very high up in the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. I would like to find out as much information as I can find on my Grandfather.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  26. ruth woods says:

    I found in my mother’s jewelry a pin with double eagle the degree is covered with a small cross with a flower and leaves. It’s 10 K. who in my family would have received this pin?

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      That pin was undoubtably given to a Scottish Rite mason. The cross and the flower and leaves (which is actually a rose) signify a Scottish Rite Mason who was active in the Chapter Rose Croix.

  27. rafael says:

    i just picked up a 14kt gold ring from a pawn shop. Its 13 grams so its pretty heavy. It has a double headed eagle and a diamond in the middle. on the side it has a 32. bought it because i like how it looks but what should i do with it? Can i wear it?

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      No one will stop you from wearing it, but it may get you some questions and a lecture or two from Scottish Rite Masons who notice it on your finger.

  28. stephen says:

    I have just bought a very old silver gravy boat hallmarked for london 1745 but engraved on it is a double headed eagle appearing from a plinth,no numbers or triangles.Does this relate to the scottish rite freemasonary???

    • Kory Leach says:

      It very well could be from the early years of the Craft.

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      It may have something to do with Freemasonry, but only if it was engraved after the the hallmark date, as the Double Headed Eagle was not used by the fraternity until the 1760s, and the Scottish Rite as we know it was not founded until 1801. From what you have described, the eagle on a plinth it sounds like it is much more likely the Russian Imperial Eagle, or maybe a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire.

    • DB says:

      It’s very unlikely. It’s more likely that it’s part of the family crest of whoever originally owned the gravy boat.

  29. pat long says:

    what is the story behind the double headed eagle? Where exactly did it come from?

    • Kevin H∴ says:

      It has been used as an imperial symbol since the Byzantine Empire in the 4th century AD/CE.

  30. M.Bryon James says:

    I do not know how the Northern Jurisdiction does thir degrees, i only know that when I became a 32nd degree, it was done in one day and the 33rd is only bestowed after many years of service and dedication. As for taking over the world nah, if it is true then i want my secret bank account…….All brothers feel free to contact me at

  31. lori says:

    my husbands cousin passed away a while back and he received a ring both sides have a double headed eagle on it and in small below on has 32 and other side has looks like a little flag to me and then a diamond on the top I took it to store the said worth 3800 to 4000 but I want to know what all these means not the money can any one help and im not sure I think it might have been his dads we don’t know in side it say 14 s

  32. Jamie says:

    I have a double headed eagle with diamond in pyramid in center where belly would be. no numbers, mounted on gold ring. diamond is real and all other metals authenticated. Can anyone help me? Is this a mason ring? Degree? Was willed to my family.

  33. Victor Lugo says:

    I inherited this ring from my brother, who recently passed. The ring belonged to my dad who was a Mason Oddfellow. It has a double-headed eagle, with the number, 37, engraved on the side. Does anyone know what all these symbols mean?

  34. Boosea says:

    If your interested in learning the real truth behind ” The Order” read the book, Zenith 2016 by Tom Horn. It’s fastenating and has documented facts with dates, lost symbols etc. Then one can draw his/her own conclusions. Look up for your redemption draws nearer….

  35. Isaac says:

    My grandpa has this on his wallet.

  36. Parissi El says:

    How can I become an Eastern Star? I’ve always wanted to, but have met a lot of lieing people who said they would assist, but never have.

  37. maxwell lough says:

    i have a very small shot glass sized cup, with the double headed eagle with the 32 in the middle, “spes mea in doe est” on bottom. looks very old. found in my grandmothers garage after a flood. she couldn’t tell me if anyone in the family was a mason or not. i can’t find a picture of this cup anywhere online and would like to know more about it


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